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June 14, 2018


By Guest Blogger

At REFIT®, we believe that everyBODY is on a fitness journey. We love hearing about all the different roadblocks, victories, and plot twists that each of you undergo in your day-to-day. Every once in awhile, one of you will articulate your journey in a way that hits the nail on the head – and we have to share it!

Read on as Colorado REFIT® instructor, Cherie, unpacks her recent revelation about body image. (We've read it a hundred times - there's some GOLD in here!)

UGH. Does anyone else struggle with body image issues?

I know a number of "perfect" people who struggle with it, so if you fall into the imperfect number, please be encouraged that most everyone else does, too.

Yesterday my daughter and I did a photo shoot for an upcoming event we are hosting. I am a professional photographer, but I cannot tell you how extremely uncomfortable I am being photographed! 

A quick disclaimer to all of my clients who are reading this.....I apologize if I ever dismiss your discomfort! I am going to be super sensitive from now on because I'd forgotten how much I dislike.....well, photographs of me. 

I have always been a big girl. I was skinny for a short number of my 54 years but it was a result of eating, well, nothing, for a matter of months.

The idea I have about my body is easily forgotten when I stay behind the camera and put someone else in it's path. As a recently certified REFIT®
Instructor, I have been celebrating the year's worth of training it took to feel like I could physically tackle such a task. I suffer a number of physical ailments that threaten me daily, but because I want to live this life abundantly, I FIGHT BACK. 

Because I have fight, and cease to feel (much less act) my age, I seldom get concerned about my body image.

Yet, it is always lurking.

And I am the cruelest judge.

I cease to remember I've lost 100 pounds. Or that I am doing this at the age of almost 55. Or that I almost died 23 years ago. Or that I've battled back from numerous hospital stays and the darkest depression.

I look at pictures and immediately am reminded that my body makes me think horrible things about myself.

I need to stop that. YOU need to stop that. We are housed inside an intricately created masterpiece being. It functions and moves and breathes because it is created to do so. How amazing is that? Just think about the ability to see. Or the fact that your brain goes silent while you sleep, but awakens again to start thinking. Your legs carry you without you having to tell them to. 

In the grand scheme of things, your body IMAGE has nothing to do with how fantastic a body you are dwelling in!

Here's an interesting thought: What might be the good things that come from a poor body image?

1. Humility

2. Less likelihood of judging others on appearance

3. Likely to invest in others because of their heart rather than their appearance

4. Learning to love the you residing INSIDE

5. The knowledge that the "image" of yourself is secondary to the "who" you are

And now, bravely, I am going to post some of my photos. Yes, only the ones I like, but also, photos that make me feel vulnerable, that I like less. But I need to be GRATEFUL for this body. It is the only one I have. I am going to pamper and cherish and be thankful for every breath it takes.

Don't judge yourself too harshly. Its your person inside that is the most important.




All photos from Cherie Elaine Photography


Peggy De Groot

2 years ago

Thank You for sharing! Just turned 65 June 23rd! Crazy how impossible that seems! Life is moving at a fast pace and the signs of aging are screaming at me in the mirror. I keep telling myself if I didn’t have these wrinkles and gray hair I wouldn’t be surrounded by my 10 Beautiful grandkids! Yes! I am going to FIGHT BACK - that voice that wants to “shame me and dishearten me will not win! I love REFIT® and after another year of aging and a spinal fusion I am so thankful for this body that can MOVe! And thanks to REFIT®- GROvE? YOU are an inspiration!! Blessings❤️?

Barbara Mullins

2 years ago

This IS golden! Thanks for sharing because we are all vulnerable to this type of shame!

Reine Huber

2 years ago

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I can relate to many of the things you said - funny, no matter how many people are in the same boat, we still are so inclined to focus on what's "wrong" with our bodies! I hope I get to meet you at RECON!

Marisela Badenhop

2 years ago

Love this, thank you for sharing ❤️

Jennifer Emerson

2 years ago

Cherie, Thank you for reminding us that we are intricately created masterpieces. I agree that most women (including myself) seem to struggle with being grateful for our bodies. I appreciate your willingness to be transparent and share truth with us. Thanks!

Christina Johnson

2 years ago

Thank you so much for this! This is one of the many things I love about REFIT®️, I still struggle with my body image but so much less than before. I am wonderfully made and so are you! Also for the first time in my life I bought a two piece bathing suit! My body is not perfect but I am proud of it, it has housed 3 children and I have worked really hard to loose 60lbs!

Ada Velez

2 years ago

So needed this as I step out of my comfort zone. I hate being in front of the camera! I just recently got accustomed the looking in the mirror (the studio I teach at has wall to wall mirrors). This had given me yet a newer perspective of not just how I see me, but really how Good sees me. This was definitely a "heart-tank fill-up".