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Susan Titus-Richard

Refit Instructor

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Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve

Susan Titus-Richard

Refit Instructor

The goal of our REFIT experience is to build an inclusive community of fitness partners!

We have all reached out to our group of friends and asked, "Does anyone want to be my workout buddy/accountability partner?" We don't like to do things alone or have strangers look at us when we walk into a place where they have worked out for years. I have been that full-figured female that walked into a fitness class filled with people and was immediately intimidated by the preconceived thought that I did not belong.

My ultimate goal with REFIT Acadiana is to ensure that everyBODY belongs in our classes! Every member of our community is perfect and matters to the whole of the fitness experience!

No Lafayette Classes at this time: Pop up classes to be announced

***Announcing August Changes!*** Classes will be held weekly in New Orleans the the YMCA of Greater New Orleans beginning this month! Dates will be announced soon!

Current Jam:
Shoop (If you know, you KNOW!)

Favorite REFIT® choreography:
Mic Drop

Favorite Power Snack:
Do peanut butter m&m's count?!?!

Secret Superpower:
Witty one liners and welcoming smile :)