Because we want you to attend RECON24, we’ve created a payment plan option to help you get there! RECON is an important investment in yourself and with some strategic financial planning, your dream can become a reality! Our payment plans are fully customizable: pay at any frequency, make an additional down payment, and even pay off early if you choose!


When you begin your plan in February:

  • $125 down payment
  • 5 monthly payments, starting in March
  • monthly payments of $85


When you begin your plan in February:

  • $125 down payment
  • 11 bi-monthly payments, starting in February
  • bi-monthly payments of $39


When you begin your plan in February:

  • $125 down payment
  • 23 weekly payments, starting in February
  • weekly payments of $18

*Examples made using the Instructor pricing

  • Your first payment of $125 will be paid upon registration (see steps below).
  • The payment plan setup includes a fee assessed by the processor.
  • Add-ons must be paid for in full at checkout from the RECON site.
  • Payments made through the payment plan option do not qualify for refunds.
  • Payment plan set up is easy! Check out the steps below:

Click the MAKE YOUR FIRST PAYMENT button below to register and make your $125 down payment.


  1. After clicking, enter your registration info, then ADD TO CART.
  2. Select your desired PERKS and ADD-ONS from the ticket page.
  3. Go to the CART to proceed to checkout.
  4. Confirm your base ticket is only $125 (+ any adds)
  5. Enter your payment info, and click ORDER NOW to finalize your first payment.

THE FINAL STEP is to set up your customized payment plan for the remaining balance using Partial.ly.  Your registration is incomplete until this step has been completed.

•Watch this SETUP WALKTHROUGH VIDEO for help setting up your payment plan.

•For help finding your payment detail or making early payments, check out this TUTORIAL VIDEO.

Payments made toward payment plans are non-refundable but transferrable.  See the full cancellation policy here.