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2nd trimester is in the books…less than 3 months to go for Field baby #2! The time is flying by and creeping along at the same time.  Staying motivated to stay active has been a challenge, so I welcome the peer accountability! Now having gained a quick 24 pounds and carrying a 28 pound-20 month

My first pregnancy was like any other…9+ months of learning, discovering, and guessing.  I didn’t know what my body could, couldn’t, should, or shouldn’t do and simply continued my cardio driven regimen for as long as I could.  6 weeks after my baby boy was born (and 6 weeks after a long, slow, gruesomely beautiful

This 15 minute leg routine will take you through the 3 common squat positions:  basic, narrow, and plie. Once mastered, additional variations are provided for each position to give you an unbelievably effective lower body workout! STATIC SQUAT: Focus on getting in proper form–1 minute Weight in heels & outer edge of feet Pelvis tilted back