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Bring the revolution to your community! Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to set up a training at your facility.


  • Bring the REFIT® program to your city
  • Obtain the rights to the REFIT® brand and trademarks to use in your facility - no additional licensing fees required!
  • Increase exposure for your facility and classes
  • Receive host incentives
  • Meet the REFIT® founders and connect with the REFIT® instructor community
  • Receive ACE & AFAA credits


  • Arrange for the use of a space that fits the REFIT® training requirements (size, location and sound)
  • Participate in event planning, local marketing and promotion
  • Coordinate volunteers for day-of duties


“Witnessing the growth and strength of our local REFIT® community has been powerful beyond words. As instructor training hosts, we have been able to personally connect with local instructors and build a community that is vibrant and empowered. ”

Jennifer Pratt, Seattle, WA

“It is amazing to witness the instant friendships that are created at a REFIT® Instructor Training. This community feels like home.”

Michelle Burton, Mooresville, NC

“Since I hosted my first training, REFIT® has exploded in our area!”

Jen Yockey, Columbus, OH

“Hosting a training allowed us to reflect back our own journey, the nerves, the doubts, the excitement, and the gratification of feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. ”

Kelly Hessel & Amy Nichols, Indianapolis, IN

“The principles taught during a REFIT® training are skills that can be applied beyond the REFIT® experience to impact your community. ”

Alysia Clinton & Hilary Clark, Cedar Falls, IA

Kelly Hessel & Amy Nichols, Indianapolis, IN




Having the opportunity to host the REFIT® Instructor training was such an honor in so many ways. We were given a chance to represent something that we believe so passionately in ourselves and share that with others, that are just getting started on their journey. It also allowed us to reflect back our own journey, the nerves, the doubts, the excitement, and the gratification of feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. Being hosts we had a front row seat to that for a handful of those from our class and strangers from all over that now a part of our community. Catherine and Angela truly set such a positive empowering tone for the day. Anyone involved walks away believing they can make an impact. REFIT® also provided us with great support from Meagen, our point person for the whole event, answering any and all of our questions, and providing thorough communication, which really made our jobs so much easier, and allowed everything to run so smoothly.

Hosting the REFIT® training encouraged a few of those that were on the fence and uncertain about getting certified to go ahead and take the plunge, all of whom after talking with, have no regrets in doing so and were so grateful to learn more about the why behind REFIT®. One example of that was from Allison Newsom, whom is a long time participant from our class that just got certified. She said the biggest thing was, I had no idea the story behind REFIT®. I’ve been doing it for years, and coming to class all this time, and I had no idea all that was involved in creating the community that now stands and is making such an impact. It’s so cool to be a part of that. We now have over 20 participants from our class that have become instructors. It’s raised awareness of REFIT® beyond just our local community, it’s also created this beautiful unique community amongst each other.

Though it did confirm that I do not possess the skill set or desire to be an event planner ; ), it brought awareness to my need to develop my leadership skills, and to do so by serving as a host. Especially because this is outside my comfort zone, but isn’t that where the most growth happens? It also truly truly gave me an appreciation that I cannot express with words to my teammate and dear friend Amy who really was the brains and the muscle behind pulling this off. She did such an incredible job of thinking of every detail and executing it well. I also was blessed by the way all the other instructors from our community so willingly stepped up to help. People so generously offered their time and gifts, I’m confident that was a big reason as to why the whole weekend went so smoothly.

Even though we have hosted the live experience class 4 times and felt comfortable doing so, it definitely pushed us beyond our "norm" to host the entire weekend. When we were confirmed as hosts, we knew we wanted to make the experience different from our past events and began brainstorming how. I like details and logistics so having a plan and seeing it come to fruition was exhilarating. While I agree on what Kelly said about not having the desire to become an event planner, it does give me confidence in knowing that we planned well and executed a successful event. I 100% agree with Kelly that the main reason the weekend went so smoothly is because we have an amazing community of instructors here who were able to help out. The experience reiterated the fact that having a support system is key to success...whether that be 1 person or 10. It has been nice to hear feedback from people who attended one or both events and hear them say how much they enjoyed it or that some of the details were noticed in big ways.
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