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Frequently Asked Questions


Does REFIT® offer beginner classes?

The great thing about REFIT® is that it fits everyone!  Each class is designed with the novice and expert in mind, and the “movement+music method” allows participants to feel successful the first time they walk through the doors.  You’ll have so much fun, you’ll completely forget that you’re working out!

How is REFIT® different from other fitness programs?

REFIT® will, of course, change your body — but your body is only the beginning.  Beyond the workout is a palpable sense of community, and that’s what sets REFIT apart.  You’ll see great diversity in our community — every size, shape, age and ability is represented — and we believe that’s a beautiful representation of the “you belong here” atmosphere found in each class.

How can I find a class near me?

Finding a class near you is easy when you use our class locator!  Search by city, state, zip or instructor name to locate REFIT® classes in your area. We have instructors in over 44 states, and if there isn’t a class near you —  it might be time for you to bring REFIT® to your community by becoming an instructor!

What’s a “REFIT® Live Workout”?

A REFIT® Live Workout is a 90-minute class led by the founders of REFIT.  These classes are open to the public and are held in various locations across the U.S.  For a complete list of REFIT Live Workout locations, click here: EXPERIENCE REFIT

Can kids participate in REFIT® workouts?

REFIT® is a family-friendly workout and that means kids are certainly welcome to participate with adult supervision!  The powerful moves and positive music makes REFIT an engaging and encouraging experience for people of all ages — even the kiddos!

What kind of workout gear should I wear?

You do you and wear whatever makes you feel best. Fabric that breathes and moves with you is always helpful, but most important is making sure you have good support up top and on your feet.  You can see our checklist and a full review of our top shoe picks here.  Of course, if you’re working out at home, there’s no shame in that pajama game.  Make sure you check out the REFIT shop for the latest REFIT apparel.

REFIT® ON DEMAND (available in the REFIT App)

What is REFIT® On Demand?

REFIT® On Demand is the online workout subscription that gives you a front-row spot at every class in our local REFIT studio. You can access the workouts through your preferred technology (phone, computer or Smart TV) and web browser, 24/7, 7 days a week, giving you the ability to work out from home or on the go at any time.

Can I try REFIT® On Demand for free before I sign up?

We don’t currently offer a trial membership, but you can always cancel your subscription if the service isn’t right for you. (But we’re pretty confident that you’ll quickly decide that this was the best $14.99 you ever spent on yourself!) Still on the fence? Head over to our REFIT On Demand Facebook Group and see what they have to say before you take the plunge. Spoiler alert: they’ll convince you it’s worth it!

Where do I find the REFIT® ON DEMAND workouts?

Simply use any web browser to go to REFITREV.COM. Log in with your username and password (top right corner of the home screen).  Click “take a class,” select “REFIT On Demand” and you’re IN. You can participate in workouts LIVE or choose one of the archived classes to get your sweat on.

Can I view the workouts from my TV?

Contrary to movies “On Demand”, these workouts are not accessed through a cable provider. However, we can give you some advice to help your phone/computer and TV talk and become friends. Click on your set up to learn more:

Can I stream On Demand workouts for my fitness classes?

While sharing is usually caring,  REFIT® On Demand subscription is for personal use only. You can lead or teach REFIT classes by becoming a certified REFIT® instructor.

Can I gift a REFIT® On Demand subscription to someone else?

We’ve got On Demand subscriptions for everyone! (Is this what it feels like to be Oprah?) You can gift one to friends and family, or even treat yo’ self. Choose 1, 3, 6, or 12 month options in our shop here. Once the subscription is purchased YOU will receive an email within 24 hours with a code and instructions to pass along to the recipient.

How is REFIT® On Demand different from the REFITREV YouTube channel?

We offer choreography videos through the REFIT® YouTube Channel.  These videos serve as a great resource to learn choreography. Working out is also an option with the YouTube videos, however you’ll have to deal with the occasional interruptions from ads.  REFIT® On Demand is a real-time, in-studio experience that allows you to connect with the instructor and studio participants without interruption!

Where do I find the class schedule for REFIT® On Demand?

The best place to find the schedule is in our REFIT® On Demand Facebook group. Not only will you see who’s teaching what and when, but you’ll get the support and encouragement of others who are using and loving REFIT on Demand.

I am having trouble with my On Demand subscription. Who can help me?

As Vanilla Ice would say, “If you’ve got a problem, YO [we’ll] solve it.” While each device is different, here are some standard steps you can take when your technology is being uncooperative.

If the stream is stopping and starting, or will not play:

  • Install and use Google Chrome as your web browser
  • Clear your history, cache and cookies
  • Close your internet browser and restart your device
  • Check your internet connection

Try some of the following suggested troubleshooting tips for these devices:

Still having trouble after trying these steps? Email us anytime!

How do I update my billing information?

Log in to REFITREV.COM, and click on “Account” and then “Your Profile” to change billing information, email or password.

How long does my On Demand membership last?

Your first payment is drafted on the date you sign up. If you have the monthly plan, $14.99 is auto-drafted monthly on that same date. If you have the annual plan, $149 is auto-drafted annually on that same date.

You can cancel at any time and stop charges immediately, but we hope you won’t!

*please note, refunds are not available for any unused portion of your membership

How do I cancel my On Demand subscription?

You are in complete control of your subscription, and you can cancel at any time. It’s pretty straight-forward: the day you join is the day you get access…and the day you cancel is the day you lose access.

Login to REFITREV.COM and go to “Your Account” and click cancel. No secrets here!

*please note, refunds are not available for any unused portion of your membership


I want to become a REFIT® Instructor...tell me more!

We’ve been waiting for you! Click here to learn all about the REFIT® Instructor Program.

Do you offer online instructor trainings?

We do!  Check out our self-paced training page for more info.

Hit the “Register Now” button to either register, or to give us your contact info so we can let you know when trainings are open for your area.

Are there any training discounts available?

The early-bird gets the worm and a better price on instructor training. The training price increases 30 days prior to the event, so purchase early to save money! While there are no additional standing discounts, we occasionally run a sale on trainings, which is all the more reason to make sure you are on our mailing list and connected with us on social media. And if you’re needing a payment plan to make your training a reality, we can do that too. Email us for details.

Do you offer any instructor training scholarships?

Yes!  We believe that you belong, and want to help you turn your dream of becoming a REFIT instructor into reality. If finances have prevented you from registering for an instructor training, apply HERE to be considered for a Light of Hope Scholarship.

I’m not fit enough...what’s required to be a REFIT® Instructor?

Guess what? You are already enough! We don’t require a specific fitness or experience level for instructor training participants. We’re all “works-in-progress”, and that is the beauty of REFIT®. Our training day and REFIT X membership will give you all the tools you need to become the best “you” for your fitness family.  We’re all in this together, so come join the journey!

Where can I teach REFIT® once I become an instructor?

The short answer? Anywhere! As a licensed instructor you have the freedom to take REFIT® classes to any venue you choose. You also have the ability to customize your playlist to suit the fitness needs and preferences of your participants. We have instructors teaching everywhere: from gyms to libraries, studios to prisons, and schools to shopping malls!

Is there a minimum (or maximum) age limit?

We allow anyone age 18 and up to become a certified REFIT® Instructor!

How do I host a REFIT® Instructor training?

REFIT® training sites are selected every 6 months through an application process.  There is no fee to host a REFIT Instructor Training, and it’s a great way to kick start your own REFIT journey!  Check out our Host a Training page to start the process of becoming a training host.

What can I expect on training day?

Our training day will not only equip you to begin leading your own REFIT® classes, but connect you with fellow instructors – both new and seasoned – who will become some of your biggest cheerleaders throughout your journey. The morning session focuses on defining your passion for fitness and people, as well as the keys to building a community of raving REFIT fans! In the afternoon, we tackle topics such as music selection, movement, showmanship, instructor development, and building your REFIT business. It’s a full day that will move your body and your heart!

My life is crazy. What is the cancellation policy (just in case)?

We get it! Sometimes you find yourself on the struggle bus with a one-way ticket to crazy town. Full refunds are given for cancellations made at least 3 weeks prior to the training date. Cancellations made within 3 weeks of the training date will receive a refund, minus $75. Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled event or no-shows will not receive a refund.


What is REFIT® X?

REFIT® X marks the spot where instructors can access excellent and exclusive resources designed to improve and refine their instructor skills:

  • indefinite REFIT® instructor certification — no need to re-certify!
  • exclusive REFIT® choreography
  • personalized REFIT® Instructor website custom listing on the REFIT® Class Locator
  • customizable marketing kits, templates and social media graphics
  • discounts on REFIT® apparel and events (Live Workouts, RECON and more)
  • Unlimited free INSTRUCTOR REBOOTS
  • priority access to apparel releases
  • membership to the private REFIT® Instructor Facebook Page
  • membership to the private REFIT® Moves page (instructor-created choreography)
  • REFIT® On Demand membership

What are the benefits of REFIT® X Membership?

Simply put, REFIT® X is the X factor that turns good instructors into GREAT instructors. REFIT X provides vast resources that equip, engage and empower instructors to build a successful business, improve their instructor skills, and learn tricks of the trade.  REFIT X is a valuable membership that includes numerous discounts, priority access and special perks!

Is REFIT X Membership required?

Registration for REFIT X is required to activate your REFIT Instructor Certification. Your REFIT X registration includes a free month trial of REFIT X membership, enrollment in a REFIT Launch Class, and a free gift.

*You may cancel your REFIT X membership during your first six months of instructorship. Continuing your REFIT Instructor license beyond your initial certification period of six months, however, does require REFIT X membership. More information on cancellation terms can be found later in the FAQs.

How do I find the REFIT® X content?

Go to REFITREV.COM and click “Login” in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. Once you’re logged in you will see a magical tab called “REFIT X”. It’s all there.

I teach with other instructors. Can we share REFIT® X?

Unfortunately, sharing a REFIT® X membership is not an option since the license is associated with an individual certification.  One licensed instructor per REFIT X membership,  please.

I need to change some of the information associated with my X account. Where do I go?

Login at REFITREV.COM and click on “Account,” then “Your Account” to change your email, password, billing information, class schedule, and literally everything else. You have the power!

How do I cancel my REFIT® X membership?

Because your REFIT® X membership is what keeps your instructor license current, you will want to maintain your membership for as long as you are teaching REFIT. If you decide you would like to cancel your membership, you can email us to receive a cancel request form.  Please keep in mind, REFIT X requires a 30-day written notice to terminate services.  REFIT X payments are non-refundable, regardless of payment term (monthly, annual, etc).


What is “The REFIT® Studio?”

In addition to hosting a full schedule of REFIT® classes in Waco, TX, the REFIT Studio is also where ideas are birthed, where vision for the brand begins, and – of course – home to the greatest group of people on earth – our participants!  You may also hear it referred to as REFIT Headquarters, or even “the mothership” by some of the more REFIT obsessed.

Where can I find more information about the REFIT STUDIO schedule and pricing?

The current schedule can be found here.
REFIT® Studio address: 1522 Washington Ave. // Waco, TX 76701
First class is $1 (yep, 100 pennies) and a variety of packages are available. No advanced sign up required…just show up!

I’m visiting from out of town. How can I visit the REFIT® Studio?

We would be thrilled to have you as a guest at the REFIT® Studio.  Please fill out this contact form to help us create the best possible experience for you!

Are studio membership discounts available?

We offer discounts to students, teachers & military, as well as families with multiple studio members sharing one form of payment. We also offer different promotions throughout the year to help you stretch that cash money as far as you can!  For more pricing information, click here.

How can I become an instructor at the REFIT® Studio?

The REFIT® Studio instructor staff is made up of certified REFIT® instructors and our REFIT founders. We are always seeking new instructors with a passion for people and an appetite for learning! Email us to inquire about position opportunities.

Can I open my own REFIT® Studio?

The Waco studio location is currently the only  authorized REFIT studio in the world!  We’d love to chat with you about options for bringing REFIT to your community, so give us a shout!