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My first pregnancy was like any other…9+ months of learning, discovering, and guessing.  I didn’t know what my body could, couldn’t, should, or shouldn’t do and simply continued my cardio driven regimen for as long as I could.  6 weeks after my baby boy was born (and 6 weeks after a long, slow, gruesomely beautiful

This 15 minute leg routine will take you through the 3 common squat positions:  basic, narrow, and plie. Once mastered, additional variations are provided for each position to give you an unbelievably effective lower body workout! STATIC SQUAT: Focus on getting in proper form–1 minute Weight in heels & outer edge of feet Pelvis tilted back

“I eat glitter for breakfast” is a trendy, carefree-yet-sophisticated phrase circulating via social media these days. Obviously eating glitter for breakfast could be a safety hazard, but what is more important is an established morning routine. Before you roll your eyes and disqualify yourself because even thinking about your morning routine (or lack thereof) makes you cringe