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If you’re needing a last minute gift or two, we have some ideas for you!  Check out these 9 FIT GIFTS we can’t get enough of! Whether you’re gifting a fitness friend or treating yourself, we promise there’s something on this list that is the perfect fit! 1.GRID X Foam Roller, by Trigger Point (~$40-$50) Workout recovery is just

Woah! You read that right 36-FORTY weeks. This workout is approved for those who are counting down the weeks, days, and hours, until that new little life comes into the world! While I sit here at 38 weeks, I will honestly say this workout tilts on the advanced side for me right now…but I adjust

As you can imagine, our email inboxes are constantly “ding”-ing with all things REFIT. There’s one kind of email, however, that consistently brings a huge smile to our faces: your stories of transformation. If we could, we would put you all on a stage, give you a big ‘ole microphone, and let you share every aspect