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Alright, folks, here it is! This calendar is what we’ll be using for the entire month of March, and we’re pumped for you to join us! Print this out, put it somewhere you can see it every day, and follow these challenges along with us. Make sure you’re posting pictures of your challenges and using


If you’re needing a last minute gift or two, we have some ideas for you!  Check out these 9 FIT GIFTS we can’t get enough of! Whether you’re gifting a fitness friend or treating yourself, we promise there’s something on this list that is the perfect fit! 1.GRID X Foam Roller, by Trigger Point (~$40-$50) Workout recovery is just

Woah! You read that right 36-FORTY weeks. This workout is approved for those who are counting down the weeks, days, and hours, until that new little life comes into the world! While I sit here at 38 weeks, I will honestly say this workout tilts on the advanced side for me right now…but I adjust