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Shall we start the chant now? “Al-most there! Al-most there! Al-most there!” It’s the home stretch, guys. The next 6-10 weeks are going to FLY by and you can find every reason to skip out on exercise.  Even though everything (like standing up) feels like exercise and leaves you winded (amen?)…your body still needs dedicated

2nd trimester is in the books…less than 3 months to go for Field baby #2! The time is flying by and creeping along at the same time.  Staying motivated to stay active has been a challenge, so I welcome the peer accountability! Now having gained a quick 24 pounds and carrying a 28 pound-20 month

My first pregnancy was like any other…9+ months of learning, discovering, and guessing.  I didn’t know what my body could, couldn’t, should, or shouldn’t do and simply continued my cardio driven regimen for as long as I could.  6 weeks after my baby boy was born (and 6 weeks after a long, slow, gruesomely beautiful