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March 7, 2018


By Emily Field

Wait! We’re not here to give you a rigid to-do list that makes exercising a chore.  These rules are all about helping you LOVE your workout experience. And while REFIT® classes will go a long way to developing that LOVE, there are some other factors that will ensure that your workout brings you JOY well after it is over.


Why is it so hard to drink water? It’s in our houses and at our workplaces, and it’s FREE (except in airports, then it costs $100).  Drinking water is the easiest thing we can do to radically improve our energy, reduce recovery time, and boost skin elasticity.  So how much is enough?

For starters, we lose around 24 oz of water just by breathing and staying alive. We lose another 40-50 oz through urine. That’s a total loss of 8-9 cups of water while doing a whole lot of nothing. For the average adult, sweat adds an additional loss of 24-32 oz per hour of exercise resulting in a  total loss of 96 oz (12 cups) every day.

Bottom line: if we don’t replenish what we lose, dehydration will start to take a toll on our health and will inevitably have a negative effect on our fitness goals.  So don’t wait until you’re thirsty, friends.  Hydrate immediately!


This rule should make you happy.  I mean if we’re speaking honestly, “snack” ranks among our top 5 favorite words. So we’re pleased to tell you why snacking is not only permitted...but encouraged when it comes to fitness.

Until you discover a personal routine that works best for your body, it’s not recommended to head into a workout on an empty stomach.  Most bodies will perform better when there is some fuel in the tank-both before and after you run the engine.

PRE-WORKOUT: Choose carbohydrates that are easy to digest

Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source for moderate to intense exercises.  Examples: piece of fruit, granola bar, or wheat crackers  

POST-WORKOUT: Choose a carbohydrate + protein

This combination serves to repair and rebuild worn down muscles.  Examples: small sandwich, spaghetti with meat sauce, or fruit with peanut butter

This sounds doable...yes?



Oh, consistency.  It’s the word that requires us to actually just keep doing that thing in order to get the results we want.  Consistency is an important rule for fitness because it leads to the creation of habits, and healthy habits create healthy people.  And whether it takes you 21 days, 65 days, or 200 days to form this healthy, friend, are worth the investment.

Does this mean you have to start over if you “mess up”? No.  Does this mean you can’t rest? No (please, no). This rule exists to simply encourage an achievable routine––and for the sake of giving advice, we’re going to mark “3” as the magic number in order to establish consistency.  It works like this: choose the number of days you want to consistently workout, but don’t be “off” for more than 3 days in a row.

You’ll find yourself crushing that consistent fitness routine on the way to a healthy habit of active living!


You are a lean, mean, multi-talented machine.  So don’t do yourself a disservice by repeating the same exercises, the same way, week after week.  You are capable of so much more!  Increase your metabolism and make bigger strides towards your fitness goals by mixing in cardio and strength training each week.

Not sure where to start? You’re in luck.  REFIT® On Demand offers cardio-based fitness classes that incorporate multiple fitness elements.  No two classes are exactly the same, which keeps things fresh and fun!  Through REFIT On Demand, you can also experience REV+FLOW, which is a strength training class that uses body weight and added resistance to increase muscular strength and endurance.  Added together, you’ll have a well-rounded regimen you’ll love and that will love you right back.  #byebyeplateaus


Samalee "Sam" Allen

6 months ago

I love these, Emily! Each week during April, I'm using a point in my weekly email to my participants! Thank you! Keep other fitness tips coming!

Robin A Soule

6 months ago

Great motivator!

Rachael Goosman

7 months ago

Great information! Thank you :)

Kaye Miller

7 months ago

Awesome fitness rules!! Thanks for sharing!