The Daily Pregnancy Workout: 30-34 weeks

Shall we start the chant now? “Al-most there! Al-most there! Al-most there!”

It’s the home stretch, guys. The next 6-10 weeks are going to FLY by and you can find every reason to skip out on exercise.  Even though everything (like standing up) feels like exercise and leaves you winded (amen?)…your body still needs dedicated attention to feel its best!  To find some motivation, it’s super important to keep the end result in mind. Soon…you will endure the most physically challenging process a human body can do. Soon…you will have  +/- 6-10 lbs in your arms at all times. Soon…you will be contorting your body is lots of funny ways for one reason or another–reaching for fallen objects, hoisting a car seat, multi-tasking, etc. And very soon, before you even realize it….you will be carrying 25 lbs in your arms and chasing him/her up and down stairs.

Prepare your body.

You can be ready.

You are capable of ENJOYING the physicality of motherhood.

And guess what? Even if you’ve done ZERO up until now, you can still gain strength, increase your range of motion, and feel like a big, beautiful million bucks.


PLIE SQUATS- 24 reps

Always and forever, you will do squats. To maintain full range of motion:

  • Legs are wider than normal
  • Toes slightly angled out
  • Keep knees wide over the outer part of your feet

HIP ROTATORS- 12 reps/side

A movement desperately needed for your hip flexors!

  • Turn knee out and lift up
  • Keep knees and toes in alignment
  • Without losing height, rotate hips forward then lower down


Outer thigh leg lifts can be done laying on your side, but standing allows a larger motion to engage both sides of your quad and adds work for the stationary leg as well.

  • Use an object to assist with balance if needed
  • Start with the big toe side of your foot on the ground, pinky toe pointed up
  • Lift leg up and straight (outer thigh) and swing through to cross the center plane of your body (inner thigh)

FLY + REVERSE FLY- 24 reps (each direction = 1)

Great movement for a healthy back and a balanced chest. Equal attention is given in both directions at a slow, controlled pace.

  • Position your arms at chest-height, elbows slightly bent as if you’re hugging a tree
  • Pull arms back, expand the chest, and hyperextend your lower back–squeeze shoulder blades together
  • Bring arms forward, contract the chest, and tuck your pelvis under–squeeze your abdominals

SINGLE SHOULDER PRESS- 48 reps (each side = 1)

Dumbbells can be used, but aren’t necessary! By using “applied resistance”, simply imagine you are holding heavy weights and focus on flexing all the way up. You’ll feel it!

  • Starting position for elbows and arms are at a 90º angle
  • Push one arm up at a time
  • Return to starting position, keep everything at 90º.


As with squats, the feeling is synonymous with push ups. They are part of every strength workout!

  • On hands and knees, walk hands out until you are rotated onto the tops of your thighs so that feet can be off the ground
  • Palms are flat on the ground, wrists are straight and directly under your shoulders
  • Elbows bend back at 45º and lower chest to the ground


Another great combo move to engage the outer thighs, hips, and hamstrings. Position is comfortable for bellies of all sizes!

  • Big toe towards the ground, pinky toe towards the ceiling
  • Lift leg up and hold (about 12 inches from bottom leg)
  • Curl heel to booty, squeeze, and straighten out–never losing height!

Finish up with 10 kegels, 10 stomach vacuums (both explained at the end of the post here) and a giant glass of water!


Be kind to yourself and love your body. You are doing AMAZING!!

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DawnAugust 13, 2016 at 11:23 pm

Way to go Emily! Congrats on baby number 2!!!! You got this!


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