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February 26, 2018


By Guest Blogger

Hospitality in Fitness: How REFIT® Welcome me into a REVOLUTION

Author: Kelley Cathcart

When I moved to Oregon, I decided it was once again time to lose that nagging 30 pounds. The gym shopping began. What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t searching for a gym, I was searching for a place to belong. I was searching for community. I visited my local YMCA and it seemed fun. People there were kind to me and my children. I joined. My life began to change. I snuck into the back row of a barre class I liked, and made friends with that instructor. She became my invitation to a whole new view of myself.

About six months into our friendship, she took over a cardio dance fitness class. She was nervous about this and asked me to go to the class. I went because no friend of mine does scary things alone. She also asked me to go to a REFIT training event, and assured me that I didn’t need any fitness experience to attend. I figured, if anything, they’d teach me to dance a little better. Then, the week before the event, my instructor friend couldn’t go. I’d paid, but I waffled between going and not going. Then I was reminded of a promise I’d made to God, “Give me a class, and I will teach.” So I went, and I LOVED IT. I still love it. I love it so much I teach it every week.

So what is REFIT? REFIT is a life-changing fitness program that views the heart as a muscle AND a soul. The first thing these people said to me was, “Welcome Home.” They invited me into their community of fitness instructors and were the sweetest people I’d ever met! But they didn’t know what a weirdo I am! Didn’t they SEE me trip 8 thousand times on the fitness floor? Didn’t they see my 15 pounds that won’t go away? They liked me anyway. They pulled a chair out from the proverbial table and asked me to sit down. They introduced me to a new kind of mirror, calibrated to bring out the real me, and to show me what I needed to learn. It was the best message I’d ever sat through. (Sorry to all my excellent pastors, BIlly Graham, Beth Moore, but it’s true.)

What did I learn? Well, it was not how to dance. It was how to change fitness for myself and others. It was how to create a safe space for others with challenges to dance and become friends with their bodies again.

COMPASSION. EMPATHY. ACCEPTANCE. That is what I learned that day, for myself and for others. And at the end of the day they told me I was LOVED and ENOUGH; a REVOLUTIONARY and an OVERCOMER. They said, “Congratulations Kelley Cathcart, you are a fitness instructor.” I looked at them and was baffled. Me? A fitness Instructor? I’m all of those things? Catherine looked at me and said, “Believe it.”

The Revolutionaries and I are ready to welcome you to the space we’ve been saving for you. This is a fitness community for the willing, not simply for those who are already in shape. If you are willing, you belong here. YOU. BELONG. HERE. We are a bunch of regular people making a difference in each other’s lives one week at a time. Fitness is the byproduct. Community, friendship, and connection is our goal. We laugh, we have fun, and we move.

I’m Kelley Cathcart and I’m a REFIT instructor.

Welcome Home.



7 months ago

So glad to have met you Kelley...and REFIT® Is life changing...thank you for sharing your glory story with us.

Leslie shinpoch

7 months ago

The above comment should have read “great support “ system. Not gray ! Ha I don’t have my contacts in yet

Leslie shinpoch

7 months ago

Kelley. I love your testimonial It’s so inportabt for women these days to have a gray support system . We are not all Lil skinny things in tight yoga pants Most of us are hardworking Moms. Wives, caretakers etc. and we take care of everyone but ourselves . I speak from experience. I am a nurse. Everyday I take care of someone else’s loved one .. and don’t get me wrong I love my job But we have to wake up and realize we are important also and take care of our body mind and soul Thank u for sharing your story