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December 21, 2023

4 Fun Ways to Wrap Gift Cards & Experience Gifts for the Holidays

By REFIT Revolution

You just bought a gift card, ticket or experience (bonus if it was from the REFIT Shop!) -- but how do you make it cute?? Here are 4 creative and EASY ways to proudly present your gift to your loved one! No Martha Stewart-level craft skills required.


#1 - Pop-up gift card reveal

Create a pop-up stocking to reveal a gift card. Watch the magic happen when you push up the strip, revealing the hidden treasure! Here's how to make it:

  1. Cut out two identical stockings from cardstock or posterboard.
  2. Cut the "trim" off one of the stockings - you know, where the fuzzy part would be.
  3. Tape or glue the stockings together. Leave the middle open for your "pop-up."
  4. Decorate your stocking! Markers, crayons, sequins, pom-poms... the craft store is your oyster.
  5. Tape the stocking "trim" to the top of a popsicle stick, then tape your gift card directly underneath the trim.
  6. Drop the popsicle stick in the stocking and push up to reveal your gift card!


#2 - Pair with a special ornament

Make your gift unforgettable by attaching your gift card or ticket to a charming ornament. Every time they hang it on the tree, they’ll be reminded of the amazing experience you’ve gifted them!


#3 - Road trip treats

Planning a road trip to a concert, game, theme park... or a REFIT Live Workout? Why not include your recipient’s favorite road trip snacks with the event tickets? It’s the perfect combo for a delicious journey to excitement!


#4 - Simple & sweet

Keep it simple - and sweet - by wrapping a tag around a candy cane. Hang it on the tree for a Christmas morning surprise!


Have fun with these simple and inexpensive gift-wrapping ideas for your digital gifts! Still looking for a last-minute gift that doesn't require shipping? Check out the REFIT® Shop for gift cards, challenges, memberships, and more!