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September 5, 2023

Imperfect 10: Start Here.

By Angela Beeler

I don’t think of myself as a business owner but rather, a community builder. Over the past ten years my co-founders and I have imperfectly built a business out of building communities. Specifically, fitness communities. These communities are built around a high-energy, positive fitness format called REFIT, and over the past ten years, thousands of instructors across the globe have joined us in creating “a fitness experience where every body belongs.”  

This year marks our tenth anniversary of training REFIT Instructors, which is something worth celebrating. But as I began to contemplate how to celebrate this milestone with our community, I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and show you – not the traditional “highlight reel” – but the real stories of grit and grunt, trial and triumph, successes and failures. 

The #imperfect10 series is a homage to the mistakes and mess ups that make life MORE.

More interesting.

More relatable.

More enjoyable.

More educational.

More authentic.

More unifying.

We’ll be sharing #imperfect10 stories that get right to the heart of living imperfect lives with imperfect bodies and navigating imperfect relationships with imperfect people. We hope that within these stories, you find pieces of yourself worth accepting and celebrating – even (and especially) if they’re imperfect.

We’re also time-traveling back 10 years, revisiting some of our favorite pieces of choreography to “re-imagine” them for 2023. In this series, we’ll share them with you, along with behind-the-scenes insights and helpful tutorials. You might even see never-before-released songs that we’re now bringing into the spotlight.

If your life has had its share of imperfections – and whose hasn't? – we invite you to keep reading this special 10-part series. We'll share some heart-to-heart reflections, insights, and uplifting stories – all to remind us that being perfectly imperfect is a beautiful thing. 

Here's to embracing the imperfections that make us uniquely us.


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