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December 31, 2019

Maybe 2019 wasn’t your best year, and maybe 2020 won’t be either.

By Angela Beeler



And is that even the goal?

As I sit here on the last few days of 2019, I feel nothing but stress and pressure -- tightness in my jaw and chest, clenched shoulders, and the burden of a to-do list I won’t be able to complete.   You see, in the fitness world, the end of the year is the prelude to the fitness flood that will (hopefully) overwhelm us in January. The deserted of classes of December will once again buzz with activity as people embrace their “new year, new you” mantras. It’s the season every fitness professional in the industry hopes and waits for.

So why the stress and pressure, you ask?  

Because I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep.

Thousands of fitness formats are all making the same promises:  THIS is your year, make this year the best year EVER, join the WORLD’S BEST workout, weight loss the RIGHT way, the body you’ve ALWAYS wanted, a slimmer, sexier YOU...the list goes on and on.

Part of my job at REFIT® is to help shape the marketing, communication and branding, and I intimately understand that finding the right words and phrases to influence a person’s decision is part of the game.  I also feel extremely responsible for ensuring that what we promote -- we can promise. This is definitely a hard balance to strike at times, so our ultimate goal is to be as authentic and honest as we possibly can be -- even if that means being the “black sheep” in the fitness family.

There are, however, a few promises we can make, and I’ve come up with a list of promises that we can actually keep.  

Without further ado, here is our list of New Year’s promises to you:

  • We promise that there will be moments of joy and sadness this year.  And we will be with you in both.
  • We promise that this year will be better than last year-- not because better things happen to you, but because you are a better person.
  • We promise that whether you lose 1 pound or 100 pounds, we will celebrate you equally.
  • We promise that whether you gain 1 pound or 100 pounds, we will celebrate you equally.
  • We promise to never guilt or shame you into a workout.
  • We promise to give 100% to the development of our business and programs so that you receive the benefits of our efforts.
  • We promise that you will never be treated as a project, product or number. 
  • We promise that you can do it.
  • We promise that we will listen to your needs, complaints and suggestions because this is how we grow and improve.
  • We promise you will always have a seat at the table.
  • We promise that though we may not always agree, we will always seek to understand and believe the best in you.
  • We promise you are worth it.

I don’t know if these promises will “sell” our fitness format, but they’re promises we can keep.  And if keeping a promise makes a difference in anyone’s life -- we’ll consider our efforts a success.

Wishing you a year of unexpected joy, surprise and love,

Angela*, Catherine & Emily





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